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Apostolic Grantings Inquiry
Nine Questions
2003 Jackson Snyder

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When you have completed each question or statement, click the button at the bottom to email your answers to the survey administrator.  PLEASE make sure you feel your calling is DIVINE before answering.  Thank you.

Inventories will not be assessed without a valid, individual Personal Identification Number (PIN).  
Enter yours here:

1) Do you feel a DIVINE CALLING to one of the following ministries? (choose one only)
         None of these

2) Do you feel a DIVINE CALLING to one of these ministries? (choose one)
         Fund raising
         Personal assistant
         Helping / giving / serving
         Music Leadership
         Worship and praise leadership
         Inner healing
         Janitorial / custodial
         Lay leadership
         Writing / history
         Exegesis / deep Bible study
         None of these
         Not sure

3) DO feel a DIVINE CALLING in some other area of ministry?  Tell us.

4) If you have a DIVINE CALLING in any area, what have you done to explore or develop it? Please be specific to the DIVINE CALLING(s) you previously chose. (choose one - the most significant)
         Higher education
         Specialized school (like Bible school)
         Church or para-church sponsored programs
         On-the-job training
         Prior experience
         One-on-one discipleship
         Prayer and faith

5) If you do feel a DIVINE CALLING to an area in ministry, what makes you think it is real (or divine)?

6) Do you know your Motivational Gift? (choose one)
         Don't know
         Ministry / Service
         Exhortation / Encouraging
         Mercy / Caring
         Giving / Sharing
         Leadership / Administration

7) If you are a missionary, tell us if you are short- or long-term, and briefly describe your mission including the country in which you work.

8) Please provide a valid email address.

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Originally posted April 1, 2002.
Revised: February 10, 2010 .