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Baptism in the Holy Spirit Inquiry

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1) What is your denominational background?

2) Do you know the meaning of the phrase, "Baptism in the Holy Spirit"?

3) If you answered 'yes' or 'maybe' to the last question, which of the following statements is the most probable, according to your understanding?
         This baptism is received in the womb.
         It is received when a child is baptized.
         It is received at confirmation.
         It is received with water baptism.
         It is received when one is justified.
         It is received when one is saved.
         It is received when one is sanctified.
         It is a second work of grace that can be received at any time.
         It is no longer received - it was for the early apostles only.

4) As far as you know, have you been baptized in the Holy Spirit?

5) If you answered 'yes' or 'maybe' to the previous question, which choice below is the closest to explaining the reason you believe you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit?
         Because I've been baptized in water.
         Because I know I'm saved.
         Because I believe by faith.
         Because I speak in tongues.
         Because I have new life, hope and zeal as a result.
         Because I've been told that I have.
         Because I felt the fire fall.
         Because I have a gift of the Spirit.
         Because of some other evidence.
         Because I can feel it in my heart.

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Originally posted April 1, 2002.
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