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Many Gifts : One Giver
Many Gifts, One Giver


Many gifts,

one spirit,

one love known

in many ways,
In our difference
is blessing
from diversity
we praise
One Giver,

One Yah
One Spirit,
Known in many ways,

blessing all our days
For the giver,
for the gifts,


Al Carmines, 1973

Spiritual Gifts Inventories and Surveys 

ALL ASSESSMENTS ARE COMPLETED PERSONALLY BY A PROFESSIONAL PNEUMATOLOGIST.  Learn about yourself - learn about your family members - get to know your loved ones better.  Relate better; use gifts more wisely, be of greater benefit to your  Kingdom!  My Motivational Graces System is the most accurate assessment of Motivational Gifts in the world.  




IDr. Jackson Snyder am Jackson H. Snyder and I currently live in Florida.  Called to preach in the tent meetings of A. A. Allen in the late 1960s, I was but a youth.  However, I began at that time "tarrying" for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit including Tongues, Interpretation and Healing. 

I started into the world of personality inventories by attending a one-dimensional temperament seminar that was popular in the 1980s, titled "Relationship Strategies" and based on the Platinum Rule - Treat others in the way they like to be treated.   My wife (of blessed memory) and I used this system regularly in our pastoral and prophetic ministries from then on.  In 1989 I met Dr. L. Lynn Hood, and international emissary of the Almighty and expert in Leadership Training and Motivational Gifts.  One of the inventories I use was written by Dr. Hood, and I automated this inventory for computer in 1995.  Dr. Hood and I had an ongoing friendship, trading insights into the Motivational and Pneumatic gifts a couple time a year, usually when he would come to a church at my request to do a leadership presentation.  Dr. Hood is still very active in leadership seminars. (Christian Ministries International - website - Facebook)

I started putting together systems of graces, temperaments & personalities primarily so I could have a tool to help me adequately connect church volunteers with ministry opportunities to which they were best suited.  I developed some straightforward inventories and started doing seminars in churches, family & home groups, and even in secular groups, since Motivational Graces are endowed in everyone whether they are born anew or not.

In 2001 I found myself deep into Internet and electronic ministry, so I built the inventories here and added on as I went.  It got to the point in which there were so many surveys coming in I could neither keep pace with the volume nor secure someone technically savvy enough to help with the assessments.  In 2002, a minister who was a friend from seminary looked over my material and invited me to do a seminar for his church.  We had a very good learning experience with his people, and he suggested I build a book around the material I had accumulated and the data I had discovered from the web assessments I had completed.  This I did - in fact, I completed two books with the potential of a third.

The Eureka moments in my quest for the seamless integrated motivations / temperament / personality / mask system came in 2004 when all of a sudden a diagram popped onto my date book from my pencil that illustrated the paradigm for integration of all these systems, and I share the fruit of the diagram with anyone who will complete the required inventories.

In the last few years, the books were completed, I received accreditation with the International Institute for Church Management for Pneumatology - the science of spiritual gifts - and met (via the web) a number of incredible people - many with insight into the spiritual realm and the gifts - others who had taken the surveys online and contacted me for help with spiritual issues, especially those in confrontation with evil spirits.

In 2007 I became re-acquainted with Mr. Jay Ayres of Tampa   We have formed the Lamar Hayes Institute of Pneumatology to certify students in Spiritual Gifts Sciences and are updating our websites in preparation for offering correspondence courses, computer-based training and seminars on many pneumatic subjects in hopes of getting more people,  who are gifted in the area of spiritual resources, trained to do more with their gifts.   

Oh - the other things:  I grew up in Findlay, Ohio, graduated from Indiana University in computer science, psychology and philanthropy, then went on to get a 4-years Masters of Divinity degree from Emory University in Atlanta, hitting several other universities on the way.  In 2004, the Wesley Synod conferred the Doctorate in Humane Letters upon me through their St. Bartholomew University in Kent, UK.

Throughout the years, and besides the training books, I have written many essays on spirituality, spiritual gifts, case histories of spiritual gifts, practical and Wesleyan Theology of the same.  Growing up in the Charismatic Movement after being called to preach in a tent revival practically guarantees seeing many hundreds of the works of gifted people, and the Ruach ha Kodesh has privileged me to participate in many myself.  The essays and writings may be ferreted out from the following websites:

The Snyder Bible
The Bible News
and podcasts at
Radio Yahweh.

Today (2011) I find myself involved with a few others in founding the YAHAD movement, which is essentially the Wesley Class Meeting System within a Hebraic Heritage environment.  If you find yourself in Vero Beach, Florida - I'm currently teaching Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons (the Sabbath day) with Netzari Virtual Yahadim, affiliated with the Miami Messianic Revival of B'nai Yahshua Synagogues Worldwide.

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