Many Gifts, One Giver

Spiritual Gifts Inventories and Surveys 

Many gifts, one spirit, one love known in many ways,
In our difference is blessing from diversity we praise
One Giver, Echad, One Spirit, One Word
Known in many ways, hallowing our days
For the giver, for the gifts, praise, praise, praise!
                                            Al Carmines, 1973

My Motivational Graces System is the most accurate in the world.  WHY?

My Motivational Graces System is the most accurate personal spiritual gifts assessment in the world BECAUSE it combines four Romans 12 charismata inventories, three temperament MASK inventories,  a full-blown 15 dimensional Temperament analysis and Nine Key Personality Profile, and integrates them all seamlessly. This is possible because of the discovery of a "paradigm of integration" based on the first five years of on-line assessment.  Patterns began to take shape that caused me to suspect there could be a correlation between Romans 12 charismata, the latest innovations in the temperament model and the nine personality types noted by the "Desert Fathers" and written about in the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

I had two "Eureka" moments - when I realized through the traits of hundreds and hundreds of people that two of the Motivational Graces of Romans 12 included two completely different kinds of engiftedness.  Searching the writings of Paul as to how this could be, I found that two more charismata missing from Romans 12 elsewhere.  I realized that instead of SEVEN Motivational Graces, there were NINE.

The second Eureka was after I wrote and implemented the Cephalina Temperament Inventory, I began seeing how Arno's scheme of temperament, the charismata and the Nine Key could interact like complicated cogs in the great machine of the human soul.  You have to trust me on this until you read my books or take my courses. 

Finally, I am a person who has been in the ministry a long time - even to a great extent since childhood.  I believe I am gifted by the Set-apart Spirit in discernment and have, through the years, sent many off to their mission where they remain today.  If you want to know more about me, try this page.  Yes, these inventories, unlike any other on the Internet, are compared, assessed and reported by a REAL PERSON who cares, not a machine. 

Upon completion of our battery of inventories and surveys, you will receive 
    * PROFESSIONAL assessment, 
    * Romans 12 graces, highlights, strengths & weaknesses,
    * Temperamental mask assessment,
    * 15 dimensional Temperament summary, 
    * 9 Key Personality Type profile,
    * Subscription to Gifts and Graces Ezine (if you want),
    * Profile "tweaks" and resubmission privileges,
    * Full documentation and post assessment survey,
    * Mentorship sessions by email or phone on what to do next,
    * and for the time being, my course in Motivational Gifts free.

Your personal assessment will be in substantial detail. You will be surprised and pleased by the report you will receive!  And with the added bonus of personal attention, you will Discover Your Motivational Gifts and Become Empowered for Ministry.

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